Personal photos

My PhD defense:

PhD ‘Cum Laude’ (2014) with Prof. Gomez Rivas


Opera in Lisbon (2013)
Coffee tasting in Bali (2013)
Arunachala mountain, India (2010)
Madrid (2013)
Chiapas, Mexico (2010)
Oaxaca, Mexico (2013)


with Ralph, at Florida (2011)
with Rodrigo, at Peru (2005)
with Rodrigo and Boris, Cafe Tortoni, Buenos Aires (2005)
friends from Mexico (2012)
with Emiliano, Aimi, and Wondwosn, at Sweden (2009)
with Eric, Scotland (2010)
Moutain Biking (2004)
KTH friends (2009)



Physics@FOM 2014. Photo credit: Bram Saeys
Physics@FOM 2014. Photo credit: Bram Saeys
Metamaterials 2012
best student paper presentation (2012)
with M. Tartaglia at MT20: my first conference
with M. Schaafsma at Physics@FOM (2010)
Master thesis presentation
Masters with Greatest Distinction (2010)
best Master thesis prize (2010)
space systems talk (2008)
6th conference on Surface Plasmon Photonics (2013)


Machu Picchu (2006)
a new friend in Costa Rica (2007)
Monte Alban, Mexico (2011)
Lagunas de Monte Bello , Mexico (2011)
Paris, France (2011)
Cartagena, Colombia (2006)
Great Wall, China (2005)
Wayna Picchu (2006)

At the Lab:

with J. Gomez Rivas (2012)


Research projects:


Advanced aerial robotics competition (2007)
Nanowire Photonics (2009)
inaugurating Ham radio licence (2005)
testing antenna for satellite (2007)
custom-made communications system with J. Malsbury (2007)
Fermilab (2007)