Dissipative Phase Transitions, Scaling, and Universality


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Driven nonlinear dynamical systems can reside in two steady states at a single driving condition. This feature, known as bistability, is associated with emergent phenomena in phase transitions, scaling, and universal behavior.  In the Interacting Photons group, we use bistable optical cavities to explore the physics of scaling, universality, and non-Markovian dynamics. In Ref. [1] we discovered a universal scaling law for the dynamic hysteresis of a Kerr nonlinear cavity influenced by quantum fluctuations. More recently, in Ref. [2]  we discovered a universal scaling law for the hysteresis area of a cavity  with effective non-instantaneous interactions.  We have also been exploring the interplay of noise and memory in this system, which leads to rich non-Markovian dynamics.



[1] S. R. K. Rodriguez et al., Phys. Rev. Lett. 118, 247402 (2017). pdf

[2] Z. Geng  et al., arXiv:1911.00463.


Critical phenomena in photonic lattices